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African Luxury: Aesthetics and Politics. Coedited with Mehita Iqani. Forthcoming October 2019.

Book chapters

2017. “The risky business of postfeminist beauty.” In Elias, A., Gill, R. and Scharff, C. eds. Aesthetic  Labour: Rethinking beauty politics in neoliberalism. Basingstoke: Palgrave McMillan. (PDF)

Journal issues

2016. Feminist Africa 21, “The Politics of Fashion and Beauty in Africa.”

Journal articles

2016. “Editorial: The politics of fashion and beauty in Africa.” Feminist Africa 21.

2016. Standpoint piece: “The weave as an ‘unhappy’ technology of black femininity.” Feminist Africa 21.

2015. “For Western girls only? Postfeminism as transnational culture.” Feminist Media Studies 15(6): 960-975. (PDF)

2015. “‘Hey, you stylized woman there!’: An uncomfortable reflexive account of performative practices in the field.” Qualitative Inquiry 21(5): 436-444. (PDF)

2013. “‘Rape is a huge issue in this country’: Discursive constructions of the rape crisis in South Africa.” Feminism and Psychology 23(4): 517-535. (PDF)

2007. “‘We live in fear, we feel so unsafe’: The imagination and fear of rape in South Africa.” Agenda: Empowering women for gender equity 74: 89-99. (PDF)

2007. “Defending feminism in Africa.” Postamble 3: 41-47. (PDF)


2016. “Performativity.” In Ritzer, G. ed. Wiley-Blackwell’s Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd edition(PDF)

2016. Book review: Consumption, media and the global South: Aspiration contested, by Mehita Iqani. Celebrity Studies.

2014. “Review: “Daughters of the Niger Delta.” Feminist Africa 19: 121-124.

2007. “Medicine and activism: Institutionalising medical care and compassion for rape survivors.” Feminist Africa 8: 111-116.