Fashioning Postfeminism: Spectacular Femininity and Transnational Culture

This book project concerns new styles of feminine dress and subjectivity among young, class-privileged Nigerian women in the city of Lagos. Based on interviews with women who dress in what I call a ‘spectacular, hyper-feminine’ style, I argue that what these women are doing is ‘transnational postfeminism,’ and that they see themselves as empowered, cosmopolitan consumer citizens. Hear a little more about this research here.



African Luxury: Aesthetics and Politics

Co-edited with Mehita Iqani of Wits University, a book collection on luxury consumption in Africa is forthcoming from Intellect Books in 2019. The book comes out of a workshop we arranged in Johannesburg in 2016: luxury-aesthetics-africa-announcement


Feminist Africa Issue 21, Fashion and Beauty Politics

This issue of Feminist Africa looks at the politics of women’s diverse fashion and beauty practices in Africa, from historical panics over new beauty practices in West Cameroon, to lesbian beauty pageants in post-apartheid South Africa. Read it at: